Your leagues provide some of the most exciting golf tournaments around. You’ll play challenging rounds, meet fellow Members and, with any luck, win some great prizes. For information on any of these groups or to find out how to join one or more of these fun associations, please stop in or call the Pro Shop.

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Ford's Colony Golf Leagues & Associations

Ladies 4 Tees 

Since 1992, the LGA-9 has also offered a unique one to two-year program called the 4 Tees for members with no handicap or a handicap of 37 or higher. This structured introduction to golf includes clinics led by the Pro staff and coaching provided by volunteers from both the LGA-9 and the LGA-18. 4 Tees are encouraged to improve their skills so they can achieve and sustain a handicap of 36 or lower and “graduate” to the 9 Holers.

Ladies' Golf Association 9

The Ladies' 9 Hole Golf Association (known as the LGA-9) was created in 1991 for ladies who like to play 9 holes in a fun and low-stress environment. Full Golf Members of FCCC may join at any time if they pay the dues and have a USGA 9 hole handicap of 36 or lower.

During the season, qualified 9 Holer members can participate in regular stroke play on Tuesdays (tee times) and organized games/tournaments on Thursdays (shotgun starts).  In addition to the LGA-9 Championship, Ringer and Match Play tournaments, the LGA-9 offers a variety of golf, social and charitable events, such as:

  • Guys and Dolls – Golf and luncheon with MGA-9
  • Susan G. Komen – Golf and luncheon benefiting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, co-chaired with LGA-18
  • Sunday Fun Days – Fun golf and dinner with a spouse or other LGA-9 members  

 The group is well organized with 8 elected officers and 20 standing committees and special event chairpersons.

Ladies' Golf Association 18 

The Ladies Golf Association-18 (LGA-18) provides athletic, social, and charitable opportunities to women with full golf memberships at Ford’s Colony Country Club (FCCC) and is an integral part of the club experience. The Association is over 30 years old and the current membership is nearly 70 members. Play is once weekly in an organized play day shotgun on Tuesdays. The group has three major competitions: a 2-day Partners Competition, a 3-day President's Cup, and the 3-day Trifecta Competition. In addition, there is a season-long Match Play Competition and the LGA-MGA Challenge.

The LGA-18 is well represented in club competitions such as the Club Championship, Ladies’ Member-Guest, Mixed Team Championship, and the Member-Member Colony Classic. The members actively serve in country club activities such as Golf, Handicap and Rules Committee, Greens, House and Social Committees, as well as the FCCC Board of Governors. In addition, they contribute to the other golf associations within the Club by assisting the LGA-9 with their 4 Tee program and volunteering as Swinging Sisters to help coach new golfers on the golf courses. During the spring, the members support the Men’s Golf Association’s tournament which benefits Olde Towne Medical and Dental Center of Williamsburg by volunteering and participating in the event.

The LGA-18 sponsors the LGA-18 President’s Charity that is determined annually by each President. In addition, both the LGA-18 and the LGA-9 organize a December Holiday Luncheon at which members provide toy donations to Toys for Tots and cash donations to an agreed-upon local charity.

Men's Golf Association 9 (MGA 9)

The Men’s 9-Hole Group was formed within the MGA to provide those who generally prefer to limit their play to 9 holes an opportunity for organized play. All members of the 9-Hole Group are full members of the MGA and share all the rights, privileges and responsibilities enjoyed by those who normally play 18 holes.

The group enjoys a high degree of camaraderie and presents an opportunity for both casual and competitive play.  For those with limited experience, it is a way to familiarize themselves with Ford's Colony Country Club and the rules and etiquette of the game. It is also an effective way for those who have been absent from the game to sharpen their skills in a very forgiving atmosphere. Any MGA member can sign up to play in any 9-Hole event at any time. Conversely, a member who normally plays with the 9-Hole group may play in any 18-Hole event, subject to their handicap requirements. Several players routinely play in both 18- and 9-hole events. There is no handicap requirement for general play in 9-Hole events, so it provides a great way to establish a handicap for play in MGA 18 and other Country Club competitions

Currently, there are over 100 MGA members who play with the MGA 9-Hole Group. Organized play is on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays throughout the year.  The number of players for Monday and Thursday is not limited; however, there are limits on Friday play due to other club activities.

MGA 9 tournaments are held approximately twice a month on Thursdays from April to October and are typically followed by a lunch.  MGA 9 tournaments are competitive events using different formats organized by a tournament director. A nominal fee is charged and is distributed as prizes. A group lunch is usually held on the patio or in one of the club restaurants after tournament play where prizes are awarded.

There are also a number of special MGA 9 tournaments during the year. For example, in April and May, there is a Monday Madness played on five consecutive Mondays.  In October a “ best three out of five rounds" series MGA 9 Championship tournament determines the 9-Hole net and gross champions for the year.

Men’s Golf Association (MGA)

The MGA is comprised of about 300 full golf Members of Ford’s Colony Country Club.  It is a diverse group of golfing enthusiasts with a range of reasons for being members of the MGA. You can count on a game with the MGA, meet new friends or compete for prizes, whatever your objective.  The MGA serves the membership and the community of Ford’s Colony.

Except for a few dates, the MGA organizes daily play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the year.  All you have to do is sign up 48 hours in advance to get a game.  Several special tournaments, as well as the Monthly Stroke Play, are organized during the golfing year March-November.  Additionally, home and away matches on a sign-up basis are scheduled against other golf clubs, and eligible MGA golfers are encouraged to participate on the Ford’s Colony Interclub-Williamsburg Cup Team. A tournament that is worth special mention is the Old Towne Medical and Dental Center Challenge, a golf tournament for the charity that has raised a cumulative total of over $1 million for the medical center, which serves the needs of those who are unable to pay for such services.

The MGA men can also participate fully in the golf tournaments organized by Ford’s Colony Country Club as well as several tournaments held jointly with the two LGA organizations.  Several MGA breakfast meetings throughout the year allow MGA members to mix business and pleasure before a round of golf.  The MGA season is capped with a Year-End Celebration consisting of a fun, out-of-the-box scramble featuring some interesting twists and turns followed by a terrific lunch in the Garden Pavilion.

The MGA is an organization only as good as its members and their participation.  Suggestions and ideas for improvement are always welcome, as are new members.