Junior Golf

Spring & Fall After School Programs

Ages 4 - 18 
After School Golf is Awesome! A Playful Learning Experience With Game-Based Adventures.

Ages 4 - 5 | 4 Class Per Session | 45 Minutes Each Week

The best way to get your kids introduced to golf at a young age. A Fundamental & Game-Based curriculum using kid-friendly equipment specifically designed to simplify the learning process in a Playful Environment. This class will use Equipment from SNAG, SHORT GOLF, The Little Golfer & the USKIDS’s Yard Club. NO Clubs needed; Just a water bottle! 
Lead by Junior Golf 365's Head Coach Chris Knobloch

FIRECRACKERS Class | Ages 6 - 9
A great way to start learning the game of golf in a FUN, Active & Playful Environment. A Fundamental Movement & Golf Skills curriculum in a Game-Based Learning Atmosphere built around a guided discovery approach.  

ROCKETS Class | Ages 10 - 12
This is a class for GIRLS & BOYS, ages 10 – 13  beginning their golf career. A focus on the Golf Swing FUNdamentals, Around the Green & Putting Technique in a PLAYful Environment in a Game-Based Learning Atmosphere built around a guided discovery approach.  

Competition KidZ Teams  - Next Level Coaching Ages 8 - 18

  • Focus on Fundamentals & Skills to develop Confidence in Your Golf Swing
  • Learn How/What To Practice
  • Tournament Preparation
  • Weekly Games to simulate Course Emotions & Situations


Founded 25 years ago by a woman who dreamed of sharing her love for the game of golf with her two daughters, we've grown into a community of more than 50,000 girls across the globe who are learning and loving the game! Run in partnership between the LPGA Foundation and the United States Golf Association (the governing body in golf), LPGA and USGA Girls Golf is a non-profit junior golf program in more than 300 communities across the country.

Our program in Peachtree City led by Director Chris Knobloch - PGA and Supporting Director Diane Whitman - LPGA/PGA. We create experiences which help girls fall in love with the game. 

Golf is a transformative sport that inherently teaches valuable life lessons like honesty and perseverance, not to mention a good sense of humor! As one of the few sports that can be played for life, golf can also enrich lives and open doors for girls who want to play for fun, compete at the highest level or to help advance their future careers. With this in mind, we’ve made it our mission to provide girls with the best chance to fall in love with the game by creating girl-friendly environments to help them learn and thrive! Fun is our hook and once we have the girls’ attention, we help teach them life skills all girls need like positive self-image, finding their voice and learning to lead.

Visit girlsgolf.org for more information about the national organization.

LPGA/ USGA GIRLS GOLF in Peachtree City

LPGA-USGA Girls Golf in PTC provides an opportunity for girls, ages 6 to 17, to learn to play golf, build lasting friendships and experience competition in a fun, supportive environment, preparing them for a lifetime of enjoyment with the game. Our Girls Golf Programs include: Monthly FUN Events & Activities, Weekly Coaching Programs for all levels and PTC Junior Tournaments.

Junior Golf 365 Junior Tournaments & Family Series Events


PLAY & DISCOVER | The Alpha Tour is a great first step to experience the Golf Course.  These Monthly events are for Juniors ages 5 - 15 to learn how to play golf.  Parents put on your caddie uniforms and enjoy the afternoon with your junior golfer!

Starting at 50 Yards (Level 1), Boys & Girls play 9 holes advance through our Playing Levels by shooting their TARGET Score. Hit your Target Score ... Mission Complete & LEVEL UP!

When the Junior completes the Level 1 Mission … their next tournament will be from a different yardage with the same target score to LEVEL UP! As your child advances through the Junior Golf 365  system, they advance in our programming and receive additional coaching time, skill development, and mentoring.


The Challenge Tour | Spring & Fall Seasons (formerly 17U League ) | Boys & Girls | Ages 10 – 17 

  • Players will have the opportunity to play 9 holes in a 6 Week Season ( Spring & Fall)
  • A player's level will determine the tees a junior plays (Determined by the Tournament Committee)
  • Weekly points are accumulated from their scores within their Tee Divisions, with the TOP Players in each division advancing to compete in a Championship Event each season (Spring... 18 Hole Invitational and The PTC Match Play Championship in November.)
  • Juniors will walk/carry their own bag or use a pull cart
  • Parent/Spectator carts are not included in the league fee but may be purchased weekly from the Golf Shop. There is no charge for Personal Carts. Players may be shuttled in golf carts in between holes, but all Carts and Parents must remain on the cart path. 
  • No Caddy or Parent Coaching allowed. We do encourage parents to help PACE of PLAY.


Play golf as a FAMILY! Junior Golf 365 is hosting several events during the year.  Check out the Online Tournament Page at the link below!
Online Registration | Junior Tournaments & Family Series Events 

Friends of Junior Golf 365:

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Georgia PGA Junior Tour - LINK
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Junior Golf 365 - A PLAYFUL & Game-Based Learning Experience

PTC’s Youth Golf Development Program

Building the Athlete First, Teaching Golf Skills & Creating a Love for the Game with the STUDENT First Focus is the North Star of our program. A professional coaching influence combined with effective training, practice, and competition is paramount in this process.


Junior Golf 365 has Stages of Development & Learning allowing our Boys & Girls to start their journey into this great game… Entry at any Stage is welcomed..no clubs necessary to start. Within each Stage, we have created Steps… similar to school grades….Junior Golf 365 Steps have Subjects (Building Blocks)
Junior Golf 365 Benchmarks/Missions help guide students through each Building Blocks and enjoy the Great Game of GOLF… JOIN US today!
ROLE of the PARENT - Support your Child - A SMILE and THUMBS UP!
ROLE of the COACH - Teach & Guide each Junior to Discover this Great Game

JUNIOR GOLF 365 - Stages of Development & Learning

SPARKS KidZ | 4 - 5 yr old

FIRECRACKERS | 6 - 9 yr old

ROCKETS | 10 - 13 yr old

COMPETITION KidZ ... Training KidZ 2 COMPETE - Weekly Team Practices mixed with Individual Coaching & Play

COMMITMENT 2 EXCELLENCE 365 - Add On for Advanced Coaching 


SEMESTER 1 - SPRING ( Feb, March, April, May )


SEMESTER 2 -  FALL Classes ( August, September, Oct, Nov )


COMPETITION KidZ COACHING TEAMS - this Program operates all year.  

Online Registration for Any and All Programs

Junior League | Spring & Fall

PTC is proud to have the largest PGA Junior League participation in the USA. PGA Junior League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls, ages 17 and under.  PTC has two seasons – Spring & Fall with 2 divisions: 8 – 13 & 1U (Challenge League). Similar to little league baseball, juniors are divided into teams and coached by our PTC professionals.

Included in PTC League Registration

Weekly team practices, 6 Match Season with additional league playoffs, jerseys and an opportunity to earn All-Star status and represent PTC in the pursuit of a National Championship (Spring Season Only). The 2017 & 2019 Team finished in the FINAL FOUR in GA. 

For Junior Golf Program and PTC Junior Tour information please email Chris Knobloch or contact him at 770-402-8749.

PTC Junior League Registration Opens in February(Spring) & August (Fall) for both leagues.

2020 SUMMER CAMP DATES | Online Registration 

Junior Golf 365 offers multiple opportunities for the boys and girls (Ages 4 + ) to learn golf and improve on their skills in a BIG TIME FUN & PLAYFUL environment.   We have designed a proven youth development program for Beginners & Existing Golfers of ALL Ages! Our system builds on strong fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching and full swing to develop playing ability quickly and effectively using games as well as other fun activities.  Movement Skills are also a big part of our camps/ classes. 

SPARKS KidZ Camp | Ages 4 – 7 | 4 Days | 90 Minutes Daily

Snacks provided (please have juniors bring their own water bottle and we will keep it full). Summer Time Golf in PTC for our youngest golfers…  JuniorGolf 365’s SPARKS SUMMER CAMP uses SNAG®, SHORT GOLF & USKIDS Golf Yard Club along with a Game-Based Learning System introducing all the elements of golf. Join us for FUN! NO Equipment needed – No POOL Time.

Golf FORE Life Camps | BOYS & GIRLS  | AGES 7 - 12

Ideal for those new to the game or who want to continue learning this great game in a Playful atmosphere. ** Juniors 7 years old must have Parents/Guardians accompany their child at Pool time each day.**

FOUR Days of Game Play Adventures covering all aspects of the game including putting, chipping, pitching and full swing, in a FUN and organized environment. Each day, we use multiple award-winning golf games providing an effective way to teach & improve Fundamentals, Movements, and Golf Skills.

Lunch provided each day & Pool Time every day to finish up camp day.

Golf FORE Life Camps | 4 Days - 3 ½ Hours daily | 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM | Ages 7 – 12 | Cost $179

Golf Member/ $199 Social Member/ Guest
Includes Golf Coaching, Skill Development, Games & Movement Activities, Lunch each day, Pool time Each Day, & Daily Prizes

Camp fee is to be paid on the first day of camp and can be PAID on club number, cash or check.
NO SHOW FEE - a $50 NO SHOW FEE will be charged for Juniors who do not attend a camp they have signed up for.


Camps for Boys & Girls Ages 10 - 16,  who want to experience the Course and our Next Level Coaching Experience: Includes Golf Coaching, Advanced GamePlay & Skill Development/ Scoring Mastery, Lunch Each Day, Wednesday - Campout on the Course Day, Launch Monitor, Video Swing Analysis and customized Coach Now Account for after camp communications – ALL CAMPS held at BRAELINN.  Pool Time on the final day of camp, nice way to finish camp.

Coaching  Camps | 3 Days – 3 1/2 Hours Daily | 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM | Ages 10 – 16 | COST: $199 

Camp fee is to be paid on the first day of camp and can be PAID on club number, cash or check. 
NO SHOW FEE - a $50 NO SHOW FEE will be charged for Juniors who do not attend a camp they have signed up for.