Pamper Yourself After a Good Workout

After a good workout, relax your muscles in our Spa area including Jacuzzi, sauna, steam and sports massage.


Sink into our Jacuzzi hot tub for a warm, relaxing hydro-massage.


After a work-out, swim or yoga class, relax your muscles and ease tension from the day in our Scandia Health sauna made of Grade A Western Red Cedar. A traditional Finnish sauna naturally improves health and wellness by increasing blood flow and releasing toxins and impurities from the body. Researchers at the University of Eastern Finland have linked regular sauna use to lower rates of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Steam Room

Take a deep breath in and exhale out in our Am-Finn Steam, Advanced Hybrid Steam.


Schedule a session with one of our licensed massage therapists to relieve the stress of your day. We have a variety of packages available.

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