My Club Memberships


We believe that true community is the intentional intersection where people with different backgrounds, perspectives and dreams beautifully share life. We believe community begins with eye contact, open ears and sincere handshakes. We believe in the sharing of meals; the literal and figurative breaking of bread that bonds. We believe that when you seek your interests and passions that your community organically grows with those on your left and right. We believe in creating experiences that heighten our senses, ignite joy and allow us all to make play a priority. We believe that opening our minds and conversations up to others sharpens us personally and professionally. We believe in celebrating… seeking reasons to celebrate; birthdays, milestones, new beginnings. We believe we are better together; creating more purpose, more awareness, more impact when each member of the community contributes. We believe in setting the table and that each member of the community has a roll in including and extending invitations to the table. We believe YOU are a key contributor to what makes our community beautiful. Thank you. 

Membership Categories

Because there's no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" membership, we offer our Members a number of options to find their own bliss at the Capital Club. All memberships include spouse and dependent children under 21 years of age that have primary residence at the home of the Member.


Experience the ultimate in ClubLife with social and business opportunities nationwide and travel benefits. 41 years and over.

Young Executive

Enjoy the essentials of ClubLife with a vibrant social scene, shared passions and local benefits. 40 years and younger.