Tennis House Rules

We ask that Members and guests please follow these guidelines when playing tennis at The Clubs of Prestonwood.

• Court reservations for Members will be handled through the sport shop and the director of tennis. Reservations should be made 48 hours in advance and Members can reserve a court for up to 1 ½ hours. Members are strongly encouraged to make court reservations during peak times such as evening and weekends. Standard court reservations are not allowed. 

•  Members will be charged a daily fee of $10 for each guest. If they want the guest to pay the guest fee they should ask their guest to report in to the sport pro shop, let the staff know they are paying and pay the guest fee by credit card. Guests are allowed to play at the Club once a month, up to six times per year. 

•  Members without O.N.E. benefits, as well as Members of other Invited clubs, are required to pay the regular guest fee when playing tennis at The Clubs of Prestonwood. 

•  O.N.E. Members should call ClubLine anytime he or she wishes to play at another Invited club. The ClubLine staff will call the Club at which the O.N.E. Member wishes to play, reserve a court and confirm that reservation with the O.N.E. Member.  O.N.E. Members will not pay a guest fee, but may be subject to an indoor court fee, if applicable.

•  Social Members and guests are allowed to play on an inter-club team for one season only, after which time the guest must join the Club, or no longer play for the team. The one inter-club season guest fee is $50, which includes team play but does not cover additional drills and practices. 

•  Inter-club team captains must have a mandatory Tennis or Golf Membership. Social Members or guests are not allowed to captain inter-club teams.

•  Members and guests are required to check in at the sports shop before heading to the courts. Tennis etiquette is mandatory when entering a court, i.e.: When claiming a court, a player should enter quietly, by the nearest gate. A player should enter only after the point being played has been completed. A player should always close a gate after he or she enters or exits a court.

•  Proper tennis attire and shoes are required to be worn by Members and guest at all times. No dark-soled jogging shoes are allowed on the courts. Please refrain from wearing cut-offs, golf shoes, jeans and swimsuits, and men should wear shirts with sleeves. Players that fail to comply with the dress code will be asked to leave the courts.