Dress Guidelines for the Club

Members are expected to exercise discretion and good taste in their dress at all times and are responsible for their guests’ attire. 

Club dress code policies apply to all Members, family and their guests and are in effect at all times. Club dress code policies should be viewed in the context of shared values and mutual respect. The intent of the code is to make our Club more enjoyable and to help sustain the quality of membership and standard of excellence upon which Oak Pointe Country Club was established. Good taste shall prevail in the absence of a specific requirement. When in doubt please consult the General Manager or the Pro Shop for clarification. Proper attire while at Oak Pointe is not only important in the clubhouse, but also on the golf course and surrounding areas of the Club. 

We ask that all Members adhere to our Club’s dress code policy. In the event of a dress code violation, Members or their guests will be asked to change. If a Member or guest has already been served in the dining rooms, they will be notified prior to leaving the dining room of the dress code policy.

Our goal is for all Members to be able to enjoy their Club at all times. 

Thank you for your support