Dress Code

It is expected that Members will choose to dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in the setting of the Club.  It is also expected that Members will advise their guests of Club dress requirements.  Specific dress requirements for various dining times, events, and Clubs within the Club will be communicated through email and promotional materials.

When Members and guests arrive at the Club not in compliance with the dress code they will not be embarrassed, asked to leave, or change clothing that day.  The following day these Members will receive a phone call from the General Manager or Department Head reminding them of the dress code requirements for their next visit.  On rare occasions, further action will be required if the manner of dress is deemed grossly inappropriate.  All actions taken by management will be documented and records will be kept.

The following dress code requirements apply to persons 12 and older.  The dress standards for the Club will be reviewed on an annual basis for modifications unless extenuating circumstances required an earlier review.

As a Member, if you would like to report a dress code violation please contact the nearest Department Head or General Manager.  We ask that you do so with the expectation that the Member in question will not be addressed immediately, but rather will be educated the next day. 


Fazio’s Bar and Grille is the hub of Hunter’s Green Country Club where all types of Membership meet to dine, socialize, and relax.  For this reason, the dress code must match this mission, and the following examples support this goal.

Items for exclusion: Sleeveless shirts (men), No inappropriate slogan t-shirts, Bathing attire, Camouflage clothing, Any clothing tattered/soiled/ripped, no cutoffs, Bare midriff tops, revealing tank tops, or other extreme cut away tops

Main Dining Room

For our Members who would enjoy a quieter evening, and a more formal environment the Main Dining Room would be the most appropriate venue.  Distinct from the other Club food and beverage outlets the Main Dining Room lends itself to a more traditional dress code.

Collared shirts, mock necks, turtlenecks, pants, mid length shorts, and men must wear closed toed shoes.  ** Thursday Pasta Night and Trivia not included**

Items for exclusion: T-shirts of any kind, Tank tops, Athletic wear of any kind, Sweat pants, Hats

Golf Course and Practice Facilities

Both Ladies & Gentlemen’s Dress can include traditional and non-traditional golf apparel that represents the spirit of the game and current trends in the golf industry. Shirts are customarily worn tucked in and hats are typically worn in the fashion in which they are designed. Our Dress Code Policy does not apply to Junior Golfers under the age of 12.

Items for Exclusion: Denim of any kind, Shorts or Pants with multiple pockets stitched to the outside sides of the legs, Sweat Pants / Shorts, T-Shirts, Bathing Suits or Swim Wear, Tank Tops, Halters or Midriffs, Nylon / Running Shorts or Work-Out attire, Cut-Offs / Torn or Ripped Fashions 

Sports Club

The Sports Club is our most relaxed dress code of the entire club.  We hope our Members come to this facility in clean comfortable attire ready for any kind of activity we offer.

Items for Exclusion: No inappropriate slogan t-shirts, Cut offs, Dirty/soiled clothing, Appropriate bath suits are required, Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times outside of the pool.

Items for Exclusion: Tennis Courts: No bathing suits, Halter tops, Flip flops, Denim, Shorts with un-hemmed edges, Shirts must be worn at all times, Regulation tennis shoes