Club Events

Whether you’re part of an active family or you’re a busy professional with a passion for sports and social activities, we provide facilities and features to meet all your needs. With exceptional programming, business and social events, Members build lifelong relationships and develop a network of connections that lead to personal fulfillment and invaluable family memories.


Join your fellow Members for fun and competitive Club-hosted tournaments. This is Club spirit at its finest.


Build your network of business and social connections at our special Member events. Our Members include local professionals, civic and community leaders and other influential people to enhance your circle of friends.

Kids & Family

We offer programs for kids of all ages and their families. From sports teams and leagues to special dining events and fun activities, we have something for every member of your family.

Enriching Programs

Our programs are designed to enrich your life with cultural, educational and business-oriented events to match your interests. Enjoy guest speakers, professional seminars and special Member clubs and events.


We enjoy celebrating holidays at the Club. Watch our calendar for special traditions and events, as well as holiday dining features. We’re also ready to help you host the perfect party with catering for any occasion.

  • It is expected that Members dress in a manner befitting the atmosphere and surroundings of the Country Club of Hilton Head. It is the responsibility of all Members to inform their guests of the dress requirements of the club.

    Our dress code is defined as Country Club Casual. The Country Club of Hilton Head defines Country Club Casual as the following:

    For Gentlemen: Collared dress shirts, polo-type shirts, slacks, suitable denim jeans (denim jeans may not be frayed, cut or modified, and must be in good repair), and Bermuda shorts for gentlemen. Shirts are requested to be tucked in at all times, unless designed such as the Tommy Bahama style shirts. Jackets and ties are optional and not required.

    For Ladies: Blouses, dresses, slacks, Bermuda shorts, suitable jeans, and shorts are acceptable in the dining areas of The Pub and The Club Room. Denim jeans must be in good repair.

    • While the Magnolia Room is a quieter and more elegant dining room, it is not reserved for “fine dining” venue, as it is often used as overflow from the Pub Wednesday – Friday nights for dinner. If the Pub is full, members and guests may be permitted to wear denim in the Magnolia Room, otherwise they may be asked to be seated in the Pub.
    • Shorts of Bermuda length or a style made for and designed for golf may be worn in the Pub Room.
    • Hats are permitted in the Pub only, until 6pm. • Footwear must be worn other than pool areas. • Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children ages 12 years and older adhere to the dress code as well.
    • Dress restrictions in the dining areas may be waived or altered for specifically designated special Social/Club events.
    • Management reserves the right to make changes to the dress code at any time.

    Unacceptable Attire for the clubhouse dining includes the following: Tank tops, short shirts showing midriff, short-shorts, cut-offs, running/gym shorts, work-out/warm-up attire, and drawstring pants or shorts, swim attire, flip-flops, pajamas, and scrubs are not permitted (t-shirts are not permitted after 6pm).

  • For Gentlemen: Polo-type shirts with sleeves and collar, turtleneck or mock turtleneck must be worn tucked in trousers or shorts. Sleeves may be long or short. Pants must be either tailored trousers or Bermuda shorts. It is suggested that socks be ankle length or lower. Hats and caps must be worn facing forward.

    For Ladies: Collared golf shirts, sleeveless golf shirts, dress shorts, skirts, skorts, which must be no higher than 5” above the knee,

    Unacceptable attire for the golf course includes the following: T-shirts of any kind, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, fishnet tops, short-shorts, warm-up pants, and drawstring pants or shorts, sweatpants as well as clothing revealing shoulders, midriffs, or undergarments, athletic pants or shorts, lycra, and leggings, tennis attire. Denim of any kind or in any form or color is not permitted. All attire must be in good repair.

    Metal and ceramic spikes are strictly prohibited. Appropriate golf course shoes include those that have soft spikes or dimpled soles as well as flat-soled sneakers. Members and their guests are reminded that it is not appropriate to change clothing, including golf shoes, in the Club parking lots. Please utilize the locker room facilities for this purpose.

    The Golf Practice Facilities require the same dress code as the golf course.

  • Proper tennis shoes and shirts are necessary at all times.

    Unacceptable attire on the tennis courts includes the following: Cutoffs, inappropriate slogan t-shirts, gym shorts, and swimsuits are not permitted.

  • Only exercise clothing may be worn in the fitness area. Proper athletic footwear such as tennis, basketball, court, jogging or cross trainers are suggested to be worn in the fitness area.

    Unacceptable attire on the Fitness Facility includes the following: Cut-off jean shorts, work boots, flip-flops, and sandals. T-shirts with inappropriate slogans are not permitted in the fitness area.

    Management shall have the authority to decide if the attire meets the dress code.

    On rare occasions, action may be taken if the manner of dress is deemed inappropriate. All actions taken by management will be documented and records will be kept on file.