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We have something for everyone!

  • Families: A Chapel Hills/Mirror Lake membership is all about family! All of our memberships include the whole family, at no additional cost. Many of our Member families enjoy taking advantage of all the club amenities available year-round.
  • Singles: Joining Chapel Hills/Mirror Lake is more affordable than you think. Plus, if your marital status changes during the course of your membership, don’t worry…we’ll add your family to your membership at no additional cost to you!
  • Juniors: The clubs offer numerous clinics and programs to get them started and help them improve.
  • Couples: From Valentine's Day events and anniversaries to date night dinners and couples' golf, the clubs are the perfect places to have fun and celebrate special occasions together.
  • Empty Nesters: Many couples find that once their children have left for either college or the real world, it’s the perfect time to reinvest in their own relationship and hobbies that may have fallen by the wayside when the business of family life got in the way!
  • Retired and Loving It: Retired Members enjoy great golf, a full list of amenities and personalized service with every visit. We also offer a variety of events and activities to fit Members' interests, making it even easier meet new friends and enjoy an active social life.

Also, in addition to as much golf as you could ever imagine playing, membership is a great way to meet new people in the Atlanta area. Each of our clubs offers numerous social events, in addition to competitive and social golf events throughout the year.

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In addition to our portfolio of owned or operated golf and country clubs, city clubs and stadium clubs, our network includes alliance clubs and special offerings at more than 1,000 hotels, resorts and entertainment venues.

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