Gym Rules and Regulations

  1. All Members must sign-in at the reception station and pay appropriate class, personal trainer, or youth certification fees if applicable. Payment can be made by Member number or credit card.
  2. Children under the age of 16 are NOT allowed in the Fitness Center unless certified by an approved Bay Oaks Country Club trainer. Approved 14 and 15 year olds must sign in at the reception station.
  3. Proper fitness attire, becoming of a family oriented facility, must be worn. The bottom of the shirt must touch the top of the short/pant. All clothing must have hemmed edges. No cut off shirts of shorts. Participants must wear closed toe shoes. No sandals or bare feet.
  4. During high traffic times, use of cardio equipment may be subjected to a 30-minute time limit. Institution of this limit will be up to the discretion of the floor attendant or trainer on duty.
  5. Twenty-four hour notice is expected when canceling training session and youth certifications. Insufficient notice will result in the full billing of fees.

Fitness Center Policies & Procedures

As we are always looking for ways to enhance the Member experience, beginning June 1st 2015,  every Member may pick up a Fitness Center identification tag which you will be able to clip on to your clothing whenever you utilize the facility. This will not only assist the Club staff to identify Members but will help to ensure that only Club Members are using your facility. During the week of June 1st, tags will be available for pickup at the Tennis Pro Shop desk from 8:00am to 7:00pm. If by chance you forget/lose your tag, expect a staff member to ask for your name so we can order you another tag. If you require a replacement tag, we will ask for a $10 donation to the Charity Classic fund. Again, beginning June 1st, it will be mandatory that all Members wear their tags when using the Fitness Center. 

At this time, we would also want to take this opportunity to remind you of our current policy for children in the Fitness Center.
-Children under the age of 23 who are listed on the Club membership have access to the Fitness Center
-Children under the ages of 13 will have no Fitness Center access.
-Children between the ages of 13 and 17 are required to complete a complimentary fitness certification with a Bay Oaks Personal Trainer

The complimentary fitness certification will be a thirty minute course with a trainer to help show teenagers the appropriate ways to utilize the equipment and to explain the general rules of the Fitness Center. Upon completion of the course, the teenager will be presented with a certificate that will also be available on record at the Club for future reference. Fitness Center identification tags will also be presented at this time. This course can be scheduled by contacting Diego Casco, our Director of Tennis and Fitness. 

As a gentle reminder, the Club Fitness Center Guest Policy states that the Fitness Center is only accessible by Members and immediate family. All other guests are prohibited access. For special exceptions, please contact Diego Casco.

Again, we are implementing these policies to better your Club and to enhance your member experience and we appreciate your continued support of your Club. For any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Diego Casco directly at 281.244.3825.

Locker Rentals

Lockers are available to rent monthly at the following rate:
Ladies Locker Room - $9.50
Men’s Locker Room - $13.50

Lockers can be acquired in the Golf Pro Shop during normal business hours. Access to both locker rooms will be available during normal Fitness Center hours of operation.

Guest Policy

Access to the Fitness Center is currently available to Members and their immediate family Members only. This may be reassessed at a later date. 

Youth Policy

The Fitness Center may be used by Members aged 16 and up. Members aged 14 and 15 can utilize the Fitness Center only once they receive their Youth Certification. Certification sessions are comprised of a 45-minute fitness workshop and a 15-minute written examination. Andrew O’Donnell is the trainer conducting the Youth Certification Training Sessions. You can contact Diego Casco or during his scheduled hours at the Club on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 2pm. The cost of the Certification is $50 and a second youth can be certified alongside the first for only $30. The charge can be billed to a credit card or Member number. Only two youths may be certified during a session to allow optimal attention to both students.

Contact Diego Casco | (281) 244-3825