Group Workout Classes

A combination of Step and Floor aerobics and standing and floor core exercises will hit all your muscle groups and give your heart the workout it needs to get stronger. 

Get the best of both worlds. A fusion class that mixes the strength, balance, focus and stretching of yoga with core strengthening of pilates into one class. 

Barre Core & more
No dance experience is needed to participate in this fun, fat burning body sculpting class that is designed to tone and lengthen your muscles utilizing the 3 B’s: barre, bender ball and body weight resistance. Core conditioning with Pilates to strengthen the back, abs and hips/glutes ending with a wonderful stretch and foam rolling to lengthen and provide recovery to the muscle groups. Suitable for all fitness levels. 

The practice of different poses (asanas) through step by step verbal description and demonstration, to build strength and balance, increase personal flexibility, and find focus. Breathing is linked to the flow between poses. Suitable for all fitness levels. 

Total Body Conditioning
Target strength, balance and core utilizing weights resistance and body weight giving optimum benefits incorporating functional movement. All levels from beginner to advanced. 

Upper/Lower Body Weights
Increase muscle strength and endurance using free weights and performing “own” body weight exercises. Exercises will include both lifting weights for major/minor muscle groups and compound lifting for upper and lower body. 

Cardio Fitness
This is a low to high intensity class using a combination of weight training, floor work and aerobic steps designed to help tone your muscles and strengthen your cardiovascular system. We start with a warm-up followed by intense aerobics, upper and lower body weights and finish with a cool down. 

Step It Up! Step Interval/Tabata
Alternating body sculpting moves, aerobic step combinations (with or with out weights) as well as utilizing the Tabata format (interval training to boost post exercise caloric burn) for a body-shaping, fat burning, endurance building and strengthening class. 

Barre-yoga Fusion
Beginning with a fun, upbeat, fat burning, body sculpting class to tone and lengthen muscles using the 3 B’s barre, bender ball and body weight resistance. No dance experience neede! The last half of the class will focus on yoga poses and stretches to build strength, balance, improved personal flexibility and focus. Suitable for all fitness levels. 

This class is a strong cardiovascular workout designed to train students in salsa steps. While listening to a combination of salsa, cumbia and merengue music, we begin with a warm-up, followed by cardio aerobics dance and finish with a cool down that incorporates stretching, floor work and breathing exercises. 

Low impact, high energy, interval workout to improve your balance, strength and flexibility plus burn calories at the same time. Suitable for all fitness levels. We start out with strength work with light weights and movement to get the heart pumping, add some step aerobics (nothing fancy), throw in a Core Tabata (intense interval training) and finish off with pilates and yoga inspired movements with a great stretch at the end.  *Shoes are needed for this workout. 

Cardio/Weights Circuit
Participants will work a series of exercises, either cardio, weights or a combination of both. The instructor will act as facilitator and time each particular exercise. The class can include moving from station to station or more of a traditional class structure. You will certainly have a “heart pumping” workout and have fun! 

Light Weights/Abs/Stretch
This class helps to tone and strengthen the upper and lower abs, obliques and lower back which incorporates the whole core of the body. We will sometimes use hand weights, bosu, stability balls and medicine balls.