Dress Code

The April Sound Country Club provides a cordial, professional and casual family environment for Members and their guests to enjoy. Country Club casual is the desired attire. Jeans in good condition and shorts are acceptable. Gentlemen must wear shirts with collars or bands and sleeves. Concert, novelty, slogan and offensive T-shirts are not allowed. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Exercise attire, shower shoes, swimwear, halter tops, bare midriffs and inappropriate shorts are not allowed in the clubhouses.

Private Events & Member Special Events

Dress code for private parties and special Member events in the private dining rooms may vary. Promotions of Member special events will include information about proper dress.

April Sound Golf Course

All clothing should be proper golf course attire and must be in good taste.


• Shirts must have sleeves and collars or a collar band
• No blue jeans or denim of any kind
• No tennis shorts, nylon shorts or running shorts
• No tank tops, tee shirts, jams, swimsuits or workout attire 
• It is customary for shirts to be tucked in while playing golf 

WOMEN GOLFERS                

• No blue jeans or denim of any kind
• No tennis shorts, running shorts, swimsuits, nylon shorts or workout attire
• No tank tops, tee shirts, midriffs or halter tops

Shoes with metal spikes are not permitted.

Fitness & Sports Center

• Please wear workout attire appropriate for a family-oriented club
• Proper workout attire is athletic clothing and shoes specifically designed for fitness
• Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.  Shoe exceptions will be made for Yoga or fitness classes when appropriate
• Closed-toe shoes are required for your safety while on the exercise area
• No golf shoes with hard spikes
• Cut-off shorts and cut-off shirts are not appropriate


• Proper tennis attire is to be worn
• Tennis shoes and shirts are required at all times
• Tank tops for men are not appropriate
• Cut-off shorts and cut-off shirts are not appropriate
• Only shoes with non-marking soles are allowed on the courts
• No jogging shoes or hard-soled shoes are allowed on the court

Swim Facility

Appropriate swimwear designed for swim activities must be worn while using the swim facility. All swimwear should be appropriate for our family atmosphere. 

Members are responsible for understanding and agreeing to adhere to the Dress Code Policy while on premises. The Member is responsible to inform all family members and guests of this policy and is responsible for ensuring their family and guests are attired properly while visiting the Clubs.